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Drug therapy

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For people suffering from some Psychiatric Diseases and conditions, drug therapy is an absolute necessity. One of those groups is psychoses of various origins.


The most common psychotic illness is Schizophrenia. Approximately 1% of the general population suffers from this disease, which is a chronic psychiatric condition. Psychiatric supervision and drug therapy are necessary to prevent hospitalizations, to keep the patient in remission which will enable his social and professional rehabilitation.


Another chronic psychiatric illness is Bipolar Disorder, also known as Manic-Depressive Disorder. Periods of depression can change into manic episodes of different magnitude and duration. If not treated, this disease could put the suffering person and his surrounding in severe, even life-threatening danger. Fortunately effective drug treatment is available. Regular supervision and medication allow almost full social and professional rehabilitation.


Depressive Disorder, a combination of Depression and Anxiety, if not treated is a chronic, recurrent debilitating illness. Supervision and medication prevent relapses, and can restore the patient to a normal life.


Statistically and clinically proven, that best results in all described conditions are achieved when drug therapy is combined with psychotherapy.


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