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Psychoanalytic psychotherapy

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Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is based on more then a century of research and development of the psychoanalytic theory. The founders of the theory were Sigmund Freud, Carl Young, Melanie Klein and others.


A common misconception exists, that psychoanalytic theory was founded about hundred years ago - and has stayed the same since. In fact, throughout the entire 20th century, thousands of brightest minds from all over the world have developed the theory and praxis of psychoanalysis.


Thousands of books, scientific papers, scientific congresses and institutes - from all over the world - study and research what is probably one of the most complex existing phenomena of nature: The human mind and the human soul, the ways to alleviate its suffering, to uncover and unfold its potential, to improve communication between human beings.


Another misconception is, that in analytic psychotherapy people dig into their past for its own sake. Nothing is farther from the truth. Nobody undertakes therapy in order to investigate their past. People seek help for their present anxieties, depression, and variety of physical symptoms, interpersonal difficulties.


The purpose of therapy – is to help a person in his present suffering. It is true that sometimes, when talking about his current issues, the patient remembers something from his past, that is very important to his current condition. Understanding the connections and the influences from the past gives him a new perspective that helps to better deal with current issues, and to alleviate suffering in the present and in the future.


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