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Mark Roitman M.D.

Mark Roitman M.D.

 Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Sex Therapist, Hypnotherapist


In cases when a patient with difficulties in his/her sex life, has no regular partner to do the "home exercises", it is possible to do the "home work" with a surrogate partner during the whole therapy process.

Surrogate partners are carefully chosen, and are trained through a basic course in the theoretical foundations of sexology. Before each session with the client, they are given precise instructions by the therapist.


Rehabilitation of sexual functioning in a chronic mental health patient


Sex surrogates


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Sexual Therapy


Problems and difficulties in sexual life can be both the cause and the result of tensions in married couple. Sex therapy can restore not only satisfying sexual relations, but also to bring harmony to a couple's life. It is well known that regular sex is extremely beneficial for good health and spirit for both men and women.


For sex therapy to be effective, the couple have to do "home work" between the therapeutic sessions – special exercises designed to restore normal sexual life. Both partners have to cooperate with the therapist and with each other to achieve satisfying results from the Therapy.


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Couple and Family Therapy


Human beings do not always live in peace with themselves. When there are two persons living together - brought up in different families, each one with his unique personal history, unique perspective of life, unique expectations from family life and unique "blueprints" for child rearing – that from a certain moment become a couple for the rest of their life, sleep in one bed, raise their children together, have to make big and small financial decisions - no doubt, tensions and misunderstandings are inevitable.

If not solved, such tensions mount up, rise in intensity, and poison the relationship. In the domestic "Civil Wars" of this kind - there are no winners. Spouses, the children and even parents become victims, where hate and blaming take the place of love and mutual respect.


Second marriages are even more complicated: children from previous marriages, relationship with ex-partners and their parents, complicated financial obligations.


When tensions begin, an experienced therapist is sometimes able to resolve the crisis, to lower and put out the flame of hatred, and to prevent the destructive processes.


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Sometimes clients demand to be treated by hypnosis, based on a misconception, that he will be put in a narcosis-like state, some procedures will be performed "on him", and he will wake up cured, all in one brief hour.


In reality, a certified therapist may use hypnotherapy tools when he is sure that it can to enhance, or speed up the therapeutic process.


Only Physicians, Psychiatrists and Psychologists certified in Hypnosis are allowed to use this tool, and only in the field of their main specialization. Hypnosis, as seen on stage and on the TV Shows, has nothing to do with Clinical Hypnosis.


The Hypnotherapy tool helps the patient reach permanent results and desired life changes, which do not disappear the moment the hypnotic trance ends.


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