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Personality and Character Disorders

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A person's character can be seen as a blueprint of his life. It determines his attitude toward himself, toward other people, toward life in general. Personality will determine oftentimes whether a person will live in happiness or unhappiness, if he will be a "winner" or a "loser", rich or poor. The destinies of the children also depend on the parents characters.


Psychiatric disorders, such as depression and anxiety develop directly on the basis of character and personality defects. Different somatic conditions such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases, skin diseases, addictions, eating disorder, and even some traumas, in many complicated ways can be seen as vicissitudes of some character and personality traits.


A person's character and personality start developing the moment he is born, and the process is going on throughout all of his life.


In his various texts available on this site, Dr. Roitman follows the path of different psychological syndromes and tries to explain how they developed on the basis of personality and character disorders.


The examples brought in those texts show how psychotherapeutic intervention can bring to significant changes in people's character and personalities, significantly improving their life and the lives of people in their surroundings.


Other examples in the texts show how medication removes or softens severe physical and mental symptoms, which could have developed on the ground of different personality disorders.


The Concept of Projective Identification: It's Use in Understanding Interpersonal and Group Processes


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